The SMT100, designed and manufactured by TRUEBNER, combines the advantages of the low cost FDR sensor systems with the accuracy of a TDR system. Like a TDR, it measures the travel  time of a signal to determine the dielectric constant of the soil. And like a FDR, it converts this dielectric constant into an easy to measure frequency. But unlike an FDR it isn’t based on a capacitor, but utilizes a ring oscillator to transform the signal’s travel time into the measure frequency. The resulting frequency (>100 MHz) is high enough to operate well in clayey soils.
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The new SMT50 now available!

The SMT50 is designed and manufactured by TRUEBNER. It is a low cost FDR soil moisture sensor.

Compact, functional and robust: The PCB board based design allows for an economic design, and the blade shape facilitates installation. The casing and cable is water sealed.

The SMT50 has a broad measurement range. It is maintenance free and frost resistant. With short response times and low disturbance by salinity it is designed for a long term observation.

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COMBI 6000

This handheld meter is most often used to spot-check soil moisture, but it can also instantaneously read any other TRUEBNER sensor which is COMBI 6000 ready. During large-scale sensor deployment, the COMBI 6000 lets you verifiy correct sensor installation and operation.

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The sensor AquaFlex of TRUEBNER is used to measure the average soil moisture along a 3 m special measuring cable . Unlike point- measuring sensors such as the SMT100 the moisture is measured in a very large measurement volume . Single wet or dry spots are no longer an issue with the irrigation of lawns. The sensor AquaFlex is ideal for easy installation into an existing lawn . The special measuring cable has a robust jacket of polyethylene and is very durable . With special calibration this sensor is also suitable for use in construction.

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TrueCon 100

The TrueCon 100 is a low cost box which connects either up to 10 RS485 or up to 10 SDI-12 sensor to a logger oder via an interface to a PC. The daisy chain capability allows for larger sytems.

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A universal datalogger with TBUS interface and optional extension modules

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USB Data Cable

The USB Data Cable enables to connect the logger TrueLog100 to the computer. It is required for logger configuration and readout of stored measurement data.

The USB Data Cable is not included with the logger TrueLog100 and has to be ordered separately.

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A low cost and robust sensor in a stainless steel enclosure with RS485 (Modbus, TBUS, ASCII) or SDI-12 interface.

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