The sensor AquaFlex of TRUEBNER is used to measure the average soil moisture along a 3 m special measuring cable . Unlike point- measuring sensors such as the SMT100 the moisture is measured in a very large measurement volume . Single wet or dry spots are no longer an issue with the irrigation of lawns. The sensor AquaFlex is ideal for easy installation into an existing lawn . The special measuring cable has a robust jacket of polyethylene and is very durable . With special calibration this sensor is also suitable for use in construction.

Accuracy Moisture Measurement +/- 3% VWC within measurement range 0...50%
approx. +/- 5% within measurement range 50...100%
approx. +/- 2% with custom calibration
Accuracy Temperature Measurement typical +/- 0,4 degree Celsius
Resolution Moisture Measurement: 0,1% VWC
Temperature Measurement: 0,1 degree Celsius
Available Interfaces RS485 with T-BUS protocol
RS485 with Modbus protocol
RS485 with ASCII protocol
Power Supply 4-24 V DC, max. 40 mA during measurement (approx. 50 ms)
Cables Connecting cable: 10 m TrueFlex, 4 wire, very flexible
Measurement cable: 3 m special cable, PE cable jacket, very robust
Dimensions Housing (without fastening lug): ca. 50 x 50 x 20 mm
Housing (with fastening lug): ca. 67 x 50 x 20 mm
Logger Compatibility Datalogger TrueLog100 from TRUEBNER or any other datalogger withRS-485 interface and T-Bus, Modbus or ASCII protocol

Free logger software for Windows computer available on request