Water Spa Resort

More and more large spas, baths and luxurious swimming pools are built. Besides a unique waterscenery very elaborate tropical planting with specially imported palm trees and other exotic plants is popular. Due to the high cost of the plants and expensive exchange large palm trees are individually monitored by sensors and deliberately watered, ventilated and heated.

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Urban Parks

Many city and recreation parks and numerous other public green areas are characterized by elaborate flowerbeds. To irrigate the large number of flowers, a measurement of the soil moisture is very helpful. When no steady water supply is available locally, a wireless data transmission to the office is recommended. Unnecessary water truck trips are then effectively avoided.

For beds of all kinds, the soil moisture sensor SMT100 of TRUEBNER is ideal. Combined with the wireless data logger TrueLog100 it is a low cost and efficient system, which has proven itself in numerous installations.

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Sports Ground

A perfect and well maintained lawn is understood in many sports fields today. In the background, there is a spohisticated technology in order to supply the lawn with water and nutrients year-round.

The soil moisture sensor SMT100 is perfectly suited to determine the water content in the root zone of the sports turf accurately and quickly. The readings are used for optimized control of the irrigation system. In addition to a perfect lawn growth water savings can often be achieved, so that there is a quick return of investment.

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