The sensor AquaFlex is used to measure the average soil moisture along a 3 m special measuring cable . Unlike point- measuring sensors such as the SMT100 the moisture is measured in a very large measurement volume . Single wet or dry spots are no longer an issue with the irrigation of lawns. The sensor AquaFlex is ideal for easy installation into an existing lawn . The special measuring cable has a robust jacket of polyethylene and is very durable . With special calibration this sensor is also suitable for use in civil engineering.

Very accurate

High frequency precision measurement technique with outstanding resolution


Proven long term experience in harsh environments


Fully waterproof design with high quality materials


Accuracy Moisture Measurement

+/- 3% VWC within measurement range 0...50%
approx. +/- 5% within measurement range 50...100%
approx. +/- 2% with custom calibration

Accuracy Temperature Measurement

typical +/- 0.4 degree Celsius (analog version +/- 0.8 degree Celsius)


Moisture Measurement: 0.1% VWC
Temperature Measurement: 0.1 degree Celsius (analog version 0.2 degree Celsius)

Available Interfaces

RS-485 with T-BUS protocol
RS-485 with Modbus protocol
RS-485 with ASCII protocol
Analog: 0 - 10 V (other voltage ranges on request)

Power Supply

4-24 V DC, max. 40 mA during measurement (approx. 50 ms)
(analog version 12 - 24 V DC for 0 - 10 V output)


Connecting cable: 10 m TrueFlex, 4 wire, very flexible Measurement cable: 3 m special cable, PE cable jacket, very robust


Housing (without fastening lug): ca. 50 x 50 x 20 mmm
Housing (with fastening lug): ca. 67 x 50 x 20 mm

Cable length

Datalogger TrueLog100 from TRUEBNER or any other suitable datalogger with RS-485 interface (TBUS, Modbus, ASCII) or analog inputs

Free logger software for Windows computer available on request