Facade Greening

Modern buildings are sometimes equipped with green walls. In addition to an attractive appearance, a properly arranged and thoughtful landscaping also brings benefits to the building and is used for example as a natural sunscreen as well as an enhancement for the micro climate.

Railroad Embankment

The railway network of the Deutsche Bahn comprises more than 30,000 km in length. The soil along the railroad tracks is often not in good condition. Therefore, in some places railway embankments are monitored to ensure stability and safety.

For an uncompromisingly robust and reliable soil moisture measurements the sensor SMT100 of TRUEBNER is used. It continuously monitors moisture and temperature in the underground.

Concrete Construction

Reinforced concrete is a modern and high performance building material. Especially in the construction and civil engineering branches it is used for many bearing structures. Often a subsequent phase of construction will not commence until the concrete of the previous construction phase has adequate strength. The experience of the contractors can be supplemented in many cases by additional measurement data. Unnecessarily long downtimes at the construction site are avoided.

y Roof Greening

Many flat roofs are greened for ecological and aesthetic reasons. The roof plants have to withstand extreme weather conditions and have to survive with minimal care. Depending on the planting, it is however necessary, particularly in the dry and hot summer months, to irrigate the green roof. Due to the mostly shallow covering only a little bit of water can be stored the substrate.

Geothermal Energy

One of the most important energy sources in Iceland is geothermal energy. Hot water and steam are available in many places of the island all the time. However, due to volcanic activity the underground is constantly changing. For securing and monitoring of remote energy plants, steam lines and buildings geological monitoring systems are used.

The SMT100 of TRUEBNER is ideal for measuring soil temperature and soil moisture. The extremely resistant materials of the sensor ensure a long life even in sulphurous soil.

Dam Monitoring

The walls of a dam are continuously exposed to moisture. Under high pressure, the water penetrates into cracks and pores and may contribute to the damage of the structure. Therefore, many large dams have monitoring systems that continuously detect various physical properties of the construction.

Due to the slim design of the moisture sensor SMT100 of TRUEBNER it is particularly suited to be incorporated in masonry joints. Penetrating moisture can thus be safely and quickly recognized. A special calibration even allows for determining the water content in these materials.