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Since 2012


TRUEBNER was founded in 2012 as a manufacturer of moisture sensors for scientific applications. Extensive large-scale hydrological experiments require highly accurate, durable and at the same time inexpensive sensors, which did not exist at that time. Based on 25 years of combined experience in moisture measurement technology and industrial electronics manufacturing, the two founders developed the SMT100.

10 years later, the SMT100 is one of the most widely used soil moisture sensors. The product range was expanded over time with the SMT50 for Smart Garden applications. In addition to the TRUEBNER brand, our company is also an OEM supplier and development service provider in the entire field of material moisture measurement technology.

In addition to developing new sensors in our fully equipped electronics lab, we are passionate about field experiments in remote locations around the world.

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The science behind TRUEBNER

Electromagnetic methods are particularly suitable for measuring the moisture of many different materials, as they enable continuous and maintenance-free recording of the water content.

The technical and scientific background is not for the faint of heart and touches on physics, chemistry and electrical engineering. The book "Electromagnetic Moisture Measurement" by one of the founders of TRUEBNER is the scientific reference to get a deep insight into the field.

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